Jack is the new Jim

Here is a story from my former life as a bartender.


Tending bar at Outback one night a server ordered a Jim Beam and Coke for a guy at her table. I was very surprised when the server came back a few minutes later and said the guest told her it tasted like Jack Daniels and not Jim Beam.

Since the Jim was located behind me and not in the “speed rail” with the other more popular booze I knew I had not made an error. I told her there was NO way I could have mixed up the drink and that the dude was just flat wrong.

Being in the service industry and working for tips we needed a solution to make this patron happy whether he was wrong or not. I looked at the server and decided if the Jim tasted like Jack maybe the Jack would taste like Jim. I proceeded to make him a Jack Daniels and Coke and told her to sell it as a Jim Beam and Coke and see what happens.


After a few minutes the server stopped back at the bar and proclaimed that the guest was very happy we had fixed the original mix up on his drink and to tell the bartender thanks.

So for the rest of the night anytime that guy ordered Jim and Coke I served him Jack and Cokes.


The moral of the story is “the customer is always right, unless he isn’t, then just pretend he is.”

That was a much more fun bartender story than the strawberry daiquiri with ice cream one but that is for another time.

What which do you prefer. Jack or Jim?