Top 5 things you should always compost

I used to think composting was difficult. Having to remember to to not throw food in the trash. Needing a place to store the items in the kitchen.

And the smell!

But once I started composting I noticed 3 things.


1. It is was not nearly as difficult as I thought.

2. The smell was minor or not at all.

3. The amount of trash we send to a landfill was so much less.


If done correctly composting can be very easy. My wife and I have made composting a way of life at our house and you can too.

To help get you started below is my list of the Top 5 Items You Should Always Compost.


#1. Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are the easiest thing to add to your compost bin. Simply dump out the coffee filter and get on with making your next cup of Joe. Coffee grounds are so easy you could don’t need to put them in a compost bin or pile. Simply gather them and sprinkle them in your flower beds, around trees or in your herb garden. It makes for a great fertilizer. I know people who go to local coffee shops and ask for used grounds to put in their garden.



#2. Banana Peels

Banana peels are super simple. Just peel and toss. They breakdown fairly quick and compost well. Just don’t drop them on the floor and slip and crash to to the ground like a character in some old Looney Tunes cartoon!



#3. Old Salad Greens

Ever leave lettuce or greens in the fridge to long? Instead of tossing them in the trash can put them in your compost pile. They are full of nutrients and breakdown in a short amount of time. I have found this works well with fresh herbs like parsley and cilantro. Store bought greens seem to spoil very quickly. In fact you most likely have some in your fridge right now.



#4. Egg Shells

Eggs shells are a great addition to your compost bin. They seem hard when you first crack them but once they sit out for a while they become soft. Plus eggshells will add calcium to your soil which is a component most plants need.



#5. Veggie Scraps

Ever cut a head of romaine up for a salad? Cut the seeds and core out of a pepper? Or chop the greens off your carrots? If you are like me there will be a bunch of scraps left over. No need to toss this in the trash just compost it!

To make things simple we use this compost bin in our kitchen.


It does not take up a lot of space, looks good and has a carbon filter to keep any smells trapped inside. You could either keep it on your counter or even store it under the kitchen sink. This kitchen bin has worked well for us and we use it daily.

After just a few weeks of saving and composting you will be amazed how little trash ends up in your waste basket. We noticed a huge difference and now average only 1 small kitchen bag of trash per week.


This strategy combined with recycling can save a huge amount of trash that would normally be dumped in a landfill. Plus you will have some great fertilizer for the next growing season.

That was the top 5 items you should always compost but don’t stop there. My wife and I compost everything we can. Including bread, broccoli stalks, leftover pulp when we juice, potatoes, onions, orange and lemon peels just to name a few.

What items do you compost?