Harvesting Spinach in the Snow?

This week in Ohio we had some unexpected snow. A nor’ easter blew in and on the first official day of spring we got dumped on. The total accumulation was around 4-5 inches of snow and ice.


The day after this mini blizzard I opened up the cold frame and was very pleased to see a large amount of spinach ripe for the picking!


This spinach was originally planted in a garden bed last fall. I transplanted it into the cold frame in late November. Up until now the spinach has been growing pretty slow. I was only able to pick a few leaves here or there.  

But now look at this harvest!!!


I was able to pick enough fresh organic spinach to fill a standard grocery store greens container. Not only did the spinach taste wonderful but I saved around $3 bucks not having to purchase it at the store.

Nice label right!

Nice label right!

The lettuce is coming along nicely in the cold frame and I am hoping to harvest that soon.

Have you ever started spinach or other greens early?

How did it go?



John LemmonComment